Focus on the business

Evaluate the viability of the objective. A new or existing project should embark on an environmental scan and pre-mortem. Existing projects are paused to evaluate ROIR (see step four).

Scan proficiencies

A feature value assessment helps us rank and separate the need to have from the wants in the project. Pairing the correct people with the proper development roadmap ensures success. Every individual on the team is looking to grow.

Customize your agile

The wheel is how innovation in agile gets delivered. Projects fail when managers don’t account for the nuances of the current environment, admit to flexible development processes, and prepare for change with every release.

Reassess initiatives with each release

We call this the ROIR (return on investment retrospective). Every time we deliver product changes, we must take the opportunity to reprioritize the business need and project investment.

The best products are driven by teams which remove ego and bias from their roadmap to prioritize customer success.

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